TomorrowWorld Issue Official Apology

The EDM mega-festival has issued an official apology to fans.

The EDM mega-festival has issued an official apology to fans

The US version of Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld has issued a heart-felt public apology after the third iteration of the event ended in a social media storm this week. Adverse weather conditions and 'external factors' had apparently transpired to force the festival to shut down the shuttle service to and from the festival site.

Which doesn't seem like that big a deal until you realise that the festival site is a reported eight miles from the car parking facilities - this left thousands of revellers stranded without food or shelter on the second night of the festival. the chaotic scenes from the previous night led festival organisers to effectively cancel the third day of the event for non-camping ticket holders.

This prompted a fresh wave of online criticism from fans and even from American heavyweight DJ, Kaskade. The festival made a statement regarding refunds, but this was largely drowned out in the flood of images of people sleeping rough in the woods surrounding TomorrowWorld.

Now the organisers have made a fresh attempt to apologise and have once again highlighted their refund policy. Whether of not this will be enough to stop the threatened lawsuit or to restore their reputation in time for next year's event remains to be seen.

You can read the statement in full below.


We understand and hear your frustrations and disappointments in the developments at TomorrowWorld over the last weekend.
Our only goal was to create together with you the best weekend of the year, and we are heartbroken that we were not able to provide some of our precious fans with the full TomorrowWorld experience, which includes the complete journey to and from the festival.
The combination of your positive energy and our hard work did not shine through and we completely understand your dissatisfaction. TomorrowWorld was also let down by a number of external factors which did not allow us to provide you with the full experience you deserve. We realize we can’t turn back time and make it perfect, but for those who wish to, we are here to communicate directly and listen to all your personal stories, frustrations and questions.

You are the true People of Tomorrow and deserve all the respect in the world. As a part of this, the refund policy is active here:

With Love,


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Written by Staff

30 Sep 2015