The Berghain Is Becoming A Celebrity Hangout

Claire Danes explains to Ellen Degeneres (and the rest of America) how to get into Berghain.

Despite having the most difficult door policy in the world, all you need to get into Berghain is 'know the owner'.

Or so explains Claire Danes, owner of both a Golden Globe and a Hollywood walk of fame star. The actor, who has appeared in Homeland as well as the Romeo + Juliet remake by Baz Luhrmann, claims that she was taken to the many times voted Best Club In The World by someone who knows its owner. 

Claiming that a trip to Berlin changed her aversion to techno music, Claire tells Ellen Degeneres that she "got in through the back" of the club, dodging its notoriously picky bouncers, who have been known to let about 0.05 people out of 10 through its doors. 

She goes on to explain that your best time to go is on a Sunday, and claims that Ellen's choice of sample techno is not "the Berghainian way", pointing out that the "techno centre" can be found in the basement. 

Nailed it Claire. The back door of Ministry of Sound is always open for you; our techno centre is called The Box. 

28 Sep 2015