Shaq unveils first track

Holy moly, Shaquille O'Neal has just made an EDM track.

Holy moly, Shaquille O'Neal has just made an EDM track

One of the most legendary basketball players of all time has quietly boarded the EDM ship and is taking a stab at producing while it’s still afloat. Shaquille O’Neal better known as “Shaq” spent almost 20 years in the NBA, appeared in numerous movies, television programmes and even had a successful side career in hip-hop under the name “Shaq Diesel”. 

The 7’1’’ former centre follows a recent line of celebrities deciding to join the commercial electronic music cash cow. “DJ Diesel” is the moniker the big man has chosen and the release of his first single couldn’t come at a more perfect time as he prepares to DJ at TomorrowWorld in Georgia. The track itself is a festival trap collaboration with Kryoman titled "My Squads LIT". Production wise it’s fully loaded with ravey synths, wobbles, and of course Shaq’s deep voice sampled with the help of some FX.

Words: Jon Davidescu

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24 Sep 2015