Nice7 Talks Kinky Malinki

Ahead of the show on Saturday, we caught up with headliner to talk new releases Twitter spats and coffee.

Ahead of the show on Saturday 26th September, we caught up with headliner to talk new releases Twitter spats and coffee.

We’re huge fans of Kinky Malinki down at Ministry of Sound. So much so that we’ve invited them down to celebrate their 17th Birthday and throw a huge party as is only befitting for such an occasion. So here are NiCe7 chatting to us ahead of the big date.

You have both been part of the house scene for many years before teaming up as Nice7. Do you think that perhaps you were always destined to pair up and do something together eventually?

NiCe7: It's hard to know it, but we had very big results from the beginning when we paired up, so maybe we were destined to be a duo!

It was really interesting to read your musical influences. The Salsoul stuff and Daft Punk are pretty much staples of many DJ’s influences, but your Jazz references were cool. What is it that you dig in that genre and do you have any guilty pleasures you could share with us?

Jazz is a mix of cultures. Where the African rhythm meets the European heart. This is what we try to do in our tracks... rhythm from the stomach and music from the heart! Jazz, fusion, Blues, Latin music (I mean bossa nova and Latin jazz), soul are good to listen to on the iPod, so it's impossible not to be influenced by those genres.

You’ve got another new track coming out on Noir Music called “Dark Walls”. You guys obviously have a great relationship with Rene/Noir…

We know Renè from back in 2006, it's almost 10 years now! He always signs what he really likes, his claim "use your ears" is perfect to describe the way he works. He's a fair person, and for sure he has a big A&R attitude, that's why we're happy to work with him and to sign our music on his label. "Dark Walls" feat. Lazarusman is coming out on October 5th on Noir Music. 

Unlike certain DJs, who enjoy stirring up trouble on Twitter, you’re quite the opposite really. What’s your whole take on social media as you are DJ’s that come from a time where you didn’t have any social media?

We're in the "social medias era". Sometimes it counts more than the music for an artist. We think it's a good way to keep in contact with our fans, but we prefer to give them just info about our music, our tour dates and releases - everything you need to know about Nice7. We don't think people are interested if we buy a new car or new curtains for our living room.

We’ve been asking the guest DJs what sort of gift would you get for Kinky Malinki if you were to get them something to celebrate their 17th Birthday…

We're cooking some new beats and edits for you guys to celebrate your birthday!

When you’re travelling a lot, like you do, is there one of you that’s more responsible with catching your flights and checking the time etc., and who’s the worst on a lack of sleep?

We're both responsible with catching flights and checking out on time - that's why we've never missed a fight until now!

When you’ve had some big track success, do you think about those tracks when working on something new in the studio, or do you perhaps do the opposite and steer clear of what worked well before?

We have no rules when we start a new work. We always start with white paper. Sometimes we use some elements from previous projects, but every track is a new story.

I think I’m right in saying that Ni in NiCe7 represents Nicola and Ce is for Cesare, so is the number 7 both your lucky numbers, or maybe your preferred vinyl format (7 inch)?

You're right! But we prefer 12'' the most, so it's not because of that. We can only say it's something about our friend’s crew...

If you were to only have one thing that the Italians are best known for, every day for the rest of your lives, what would it be: coffee, ice cream, pasta or wine?

We need at least two of them, pasta and coffee - one is not enough!

NiCe7 will be joined by Ninetoes and Ferreck Dawn for the Kinky Malinki 17th Birthday, get your tickets here.

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