Bryan Kearney

Bryan Kearney returns to The Gallery after a four year absence on Friday 25th September, we got him to fill us in before then.

Bryan Kearney returns to The Gallery after a four year absence on Friday 25th September, we got him to fill us in before then

Hi Bryan, how’s it going today?

Hello. Yes, all good, thank you. I am just back from a two week holiday in Las Vegas and Cancun so playing catch up on all music matters. Feeling refreshed and looking forward to The Gallery this Friday.

Your last visit to The Gallery was four long years ago, good to be back?

London has been a particularly strong place for me over the past few years so it's good to continue that with a return to The Gallery. It will be my first gig in three weeks so I have a lot of new stuff to play, bring it on!

This Friday marks JOC’s annual visit to Ministry of Sound, will you adapt your sound accordingly?

I don't really feel that I need to adapt my sound accordingly as myself and John have a similar taste in music, we've always stayed true to the sound that we love, no matter what style it is. I've had as many releases on Subculture as my own label Kearnage and that just shows how closely knit we are in working together. I have two tracks featured on John's forthcoming Subculture CD, one of which was made specifically for the album and that will be getting a play on the night alongside a number of my own productions and brand new material off my own label.

How has Ibiza been this season, favourite gig over there?

It has been a difficult season in Ibiza for trance but my own personal experiences were quite positive. I had three gigs at Cream in Ibiza, two for Connect at Privilege and one boat party. The highlights for me were the sold out Kearnage Boat Party and Cream earlier this month. Ibiza seems to be struggling compared to previous years, I'm not too sure why, but hopefully it will improve next year.

We're loving your new track, "The Things We Should Say", what software was used to produce it, any special tools or plug-ins?

I use Cubase. "The Things We Should Say" was made on Cubase 5 but I have upgraded to 7.5 since then. The track was made with some of my favourite plugins like Sylenth, Massive, Spire etc. There was a lot of layering of sounds as the track is quite melodic and there is so much going on both musically and technically.

DJ Mag Top 100 is upon us once again, do you have a hot tip for this year’s breakthrough DJ?

I don't really take any interest in polls, I concentrate on what I'm doing and what I can do better in the future. Sam Jones & Will Rees would be two artists that I believe have a big future ahead of them.

Name one track you'll definitely be playing this Friday?

Bryan Kearney - "Wake Up Call" (Will Rees Remix) 

Finally, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Dancefloor. Driven. Music.

Bryan will be Joining John O'Callaghan at The Gallery on Friday 25th September, get your tickets here.

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22 Sep 2015