This Skrillex Set Is Like Finding A Mirage In The Desert

We’re saving up for a ticket to Burning Man right now.

This year, all eyes have been on Burning Man festival

From a plague of unidentified flying insects to videos of Katy Perry struggling on a Segway, the festival in Black Rock Desert has been fielding off criticism for being a second strand version of Coachella.

In an unlikely turn of events, it might just take a video of Skrillex DJing to change people’s minds about Burning Man.

Filmed during his early morning set at the Robot Heart stage, footage shows Skril playing a set that seems to set a desert devoid of people in dress out of their minds, dropping Disclosure, Kaskade, and in a possible long arm of friendship move, Deadmau5.

It’s a blissful set to watch and is guaranteed to make Burning Man seem like a festival so far removed from life that an ex bro-step DJ playing British house music seems possible. Now all we need is footage of Deadmau5 playing "Where Are U Now"...

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Written by Tamara Roper

17 Sep 2015