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Everything We Saw At Creamfields Part One

See (almost) everything we experienced at the UK's biggest dance festival, with our massive photo gallery.

See (almost) everything that we saw at the UK's biggest dance festival, with our massive photo gallery

OK, OK, OK - so in the interest of accuracy, we didn't actually make it to Creamfields this year. We figured you guys might be tiring a little of us banging on about festivals, so we figured it'd be jokes to send a pair of festival virgins to review it instead. But as we had a suspicion that Adrian and Marcus might not return with the most professional of reviews, we thought we should send, Jasmin, our photographer along with them.

When she wasn't busy babysitting Ministry's biggest divas, she managed to cram in a lot of photography and she's come back with a mammoth gallery, that we think sums up the festival better than our words ever could.

Jasmin had this to say about her weekend up north: "Creamfields exceeded my expectations! The visuals and the line up were the best I have seen. My festival highlight was FatBoy Slim's closing set. Great weather, great people and great music - win win win!"

See more of Jasmin's amazing photography over on her website.

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Written by Matthew Francey

16 Sep 2015