Deadmau5 Bombarded With Glowsticks

Seems that the crowd weren't feeling PLUR.

Seems that the crowd weren't feeling PLUR

Start video at 4:40 to see the action - apologies for the teen vlogger intro.

Deadmau5 is no stranger to making enemies on the Internet, but it seems that his online antics may have finally caught up with him IRL. At a recent gig, he removed his Mau5 helmet after the first few tracks - as is his custom - only to be bombarded with glowsticks from the crowd.

The barrage annoyed him so much that he had to take a break from mixing to get on the mic and yell: "Fucking stop throwing glow sticks at me!" to the crowd. After it became obvious that his protestations were falling on deaf ears, the dance music superstar relented, saying "OK, get it out of your system".

This inspired a cloud of glowsticks to fill the air and the stage, with one expertly aimed stick bouncing right off his head. It's unclear at this stage if Deadmau5 proceeded with the rest of his set, or if he was legitimately angry at the crowd - he's been uncharacteristically quiet about the incident on social media.

Maybe it's some form of cosmic justice, or maybe it was just a few fans messing around. We'll bring you updates as we learn more.

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Written by Matthew Francey

14 Sep 2015