Hayden James Soundtracked Zac Efron's Pool Party

Hayden James talks a summer of festivals and soundtracking a Zac Efron DJ set.

Hayden James is eating pinxos in Barcelona

Every day he leaves his Airbnb in Barcelona, and walks a different direction, leaving the DIY studio he has set up in his flat. At the time of our conversation he's been spending long weekends playing festivals, returning to make music in the week. Everything's pretty golden for him right now.  

With a track currently featured on one of the most talked about films of the summer, we caught up with Hayden to reminisce about summer and see where the future plans on taking him. 

So you're working in Barcelona right now and flying out at weekends to play festivals. Which other parts of the world have you made music from?

I’ve worked in California and my home town Sydney, but it's summer in Spain right now so I'm incredibly happy to be here. It’s always nice to have a base to work, and this summer I've been touring all around Europe so Barcelona is a nice home.

You've played France, Germany and The Netherlands to name a few. Are you much of a festival goer yourself?

I used to go to a big festival in Australia and New Zealand called The Big Day Out. That covered all genres. Then a few dance festivals- I remember seeing Fat Boy Slim on Bondi Beach about eight years ago. That was amazing. It’s mad that I get to play them now.

What type of festival goer are you?

I’m pretty relaxed. I’m quite a happy camper, I’ll find food wherever. As long as there’s booze, I’m OK. 

How've you managed to make yourself appealing to crowds when you're playing on such varied line ups?

When I play live, I play all my own music. When I play DJ sets I craft it to the crowd, but festivals it’s just me.

Have you faced any difficult line up clashes?

I was up against Mark Ronson! Though my tent was full, which was unexpected. I was also up against Limp Bizkit, but I was less bothered about them.

So your track 'Something About You' is on the We Are Your Friends soundtrack. Have you seen the film?

I’ve been getting tweets from people saying ‘I can’t believe you’re in this, I choked on my popcorn’. It's hilarious. The people who make the movie asked if I wanted to be in it with Zac and I thought I'd do it for a laugh. 

I think the track is only in there for about twenty seconds, as back ground music. I haven’t seen it yet. All I know is it’s a pool scene, and Zac’s DJ'ing. I’m pretty excited to see it.

Are you going to stay for your bit and then walk out?

I'm not sure yet. Maybe. 

What are you up to in the next couple of months?

I’m heading back to Australia, to play a festival with Odesza, Childish Gambino, and a few other Australian acts, and then I head to the States and then to South America, where I’m playing with Empire of the Sun. I’m pretty much travelling for the rest of the year.

Is there anything that’s really sticking out for you as something you’re working towards?

I’m really excited to do the Mad Decent Boat Party. It’s Miami to Mexico. That should be insane, I think there's about sixty names on the bill.  Everyone’s told me that I’m getting no sleep on the cruise. 

Hayden plays Oslo, Hackney, tonight. Tickets are available here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

10 Sep 2015