DJ Sneak Proves That Nobody Puts Armand In The Corner

Ceremony Festival is fast becoming an event clouded by DJ shade.

Armand Van Helden and DJ Sneak are just two of the big names playing Ceremony Festival this weekend

They’re also currently the topic of a Twitter spat, started up this afternoon when DJ Sneak sent off this ill meaning snippet about Mr Van Helden’s often luxurious choice of dress.


For those playing keepy uppy, the Chicago representing house DJ has been making music for over two decades, and will be appearing alongside Todd Terry and Harry Romero this Saturday in Finsbury Park. He’s also a little lower on the bill than our man Armand, whose headlining with a 90s dedicated set.

Unsurprisingly, Sneak’s sentiments didn’t go unrewarded for long. Picked up by DJ Mag, the nastygram has warranted tweets of defence from Scotland to Germany, and now back to London.

First off, this heartfelt but strong message from Jackmaster, who has cited DJ Sneak as one of his ‘heroes’.

Good on you Jackmaster, whose previous Twitter contributions have been to call out the weak percentage of Stella Artois.

However, Sneak quickly proves his weak criticism taking ability, simultaneously earning himself another mass of angry fans in the form of Jackmaster supporters.

Bad idea to pick a fight with the guy who was chosen to go B2B in a recent and already monumental Boiler Room Session.

Nailed it.

Sneak has continued to personally attack any DJ that has backed AVH, warranting the proposition of a face to face meeting from UK bass producer Roska as well as a ‘lickin balls’ accusation supposedly thrown at Modeselektor.

Seems like everyone needs a little chill before the weekend, before we end up with a DJ on DJ death match in Finsbury Park.

If, like us, you like both Armand and Sneak (and Jackmaster AND Roska) for then you might want to join us in Finsbury Park this Saturday where you can catch both legendary DJs in action. Get tickets and info here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

10 Sep 2015