Daft Punk Day

Lego Band
"Da Funk"

Watch a bunch of Lego robots cover seminal hit "Da Funk".

Watch a bunch of Lego robots cover seminal hit "Da Funk"

Having already led the campaign to Make Daft Punk Lego A Thing back in April, we bring you more Daft Punk Lego news for our fifth helping of Daft Punk Day treats. We're not really sure who Toa Mata Band is and we're also unsure of the use of the term 'band' to refer to one man, buuuut when said man knows how to make lego creations play a perfectly functional cover of "Da Funk", then he can call himself whatever he wants really.

In the video above little Lego robots, strum the bass, hit synth pads and do a whole bunch of other stuff we don't understand to recreate the robot's early classic.

It's Daft Punk Day all day long on Ministry Radio, tune in now for more Daft Punk goodness.

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09 Sep 2015