The Partysquad's Highest Grade

Carnival ain't over! Check out this exclusive first stream of "Caribbean Kush", mixing dancehall flavours with Dutch EDM.

What do you get when you cross music from the land of Tiesto and Martin Garrix with Jamaican influenced dancehall?

Something a little along the lines of The Partysquad. Made up of Jerry and Ruben, a producing, DJ'ing and label owning duo from Holland. Remember Major Lazer's 'Original Don'? That was the love child of Partysquad and Diplo. 

The pair's production credits go as far as M.I.A's most recent album, Matangi, and their label, Rebel Yard, has championed some of the finest names in dance music. 

We've got an exclusive premiere of the first volume of The Highest Grade: Caribbean Kush, featuring The Partysquad, dancehall legends Mr Vegas and Ce'Cile, as well as Rebel Yard champions Fellow and Punish. Available to buy on BeatPort, get a taste of the heat right here first.

We caught up with Jerry from The Partysquad,  to chat the group's influences, working with Diplo and the effect of EDM. 

Jerry: We’ve had a big career in Holland for about six or seven years, and we’d play the same music as we would for an international audience to them, but include Dutch vocalists and rappers in the mix. The words are obviously a different language but there’s beginning to be more crossover.

We grew up listening to rap and making hip hop style music, then, this big EDM hype started amongst Dutch artists, and suddenly this whole combination of dancehall and trap music was happening.

I agree that EDM is a controversial sound, but at the same time, I’m really proud to say that EDM started from Dutch artists. People like Diplo have been responsible for picking it up and taking it international, and he is someone who will be able to create something new from it.

Diplo has been in and out of Holland a lot, working with Afrojack and with us. We made a few songs together and I believe he’s one of the best producers in the world. He’s so smart, he always knows how to make a good combination of all the styles. Normally a DJ will go with one style and go all the way with it, like Tiesto and Martin Garrix, but with Diplo it’s what he’s feeling on the day, and that’s what we do.

You cannot do everything yourself, which is why we get help from friends. We don’t want to do everything ourselves so we bring people in and collaborate, which is why our music is such a mix of sounds.

EDM? You're covered.

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Written by Tamara Roper

09 Sep 2015