What's been winding up DJs this week?

It's been a strong week for DJ beef

Just like children who have begrudgingly realised that playtime is over, DJs and producers the world over have been airing their grievances to anyone who will listen, for reasons right and wrong. 

On the right side of the law is Evian Christ, a DJ and producer who has worked with Kanye West and this bank holiday weekend was responsible for flying a much needed electronic flag at Reading and Leeds Festivals. He had finished his set at Leeds when this happened.

Evian Christ was detained (literally) at Leeds Festival when apparently a security guard found him in the artist car park and didn’t believe he was an artist, due to the fact that his artist pass and real name did not match. He was then thrown in a cage and a twitter campaign titled #FreeEvian ensued. Eventually he was freed, but not until after some well documented lobbying from enraged music fans.

Which DJ belongs in a cage instead?

More well deserved beef has come also from Kieran Hebden, AKA Four Tet. The DJ and producer has just announced a show at London's magnificent Roundhouse, where tickets were being sold for a reasonable £16.50. Hebden took to Twitter to air his grievances with the somewhat ridiculous booking fees forced upon his ticket prices. 

More power to you, Mr Tet. Heinous booking fees suck and we salute your cause, before begrudgingly booking a ticket nearly five pounds over original asking price.

On a lighter note, spokesman of the common man Jackmaster has flagged up an issue which in his mind, does not even bare thinking about. 

A DJ known for his versatility alone and with pals Skream, Seth Troxler and Eats Everything (commonly known as J.E.S.u.S) Jackmaster has earned a bit of a rep as a man who likes a drink. And drink he shall, unhindered by Stella's attempts to water down their sauce.

Special mention this week shall inevitably go to the Prince of Internet Irritation, a man incapable of not vocalising an opinion. It's Deadmau5.

No subject too big or small for him to weigh in on, his thoughts on Zac Efron's attempts at EDM acting weigh in as follows:

Classically bitchy.

Join us again next week, for another scintillating round of DJ BEEF OF THE WEEK.

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Written by Tamara Roper

04 Sep 2015