Eton Messy Are On The Road Again

Eton Messy are taking over the country once more this winter.

Eton Messy are taking over the country once more this winter.

With their instantly recognisable artwork and consistently ecelectic selections, Eton Messy have gone from the YouTube channel of after parties to internationally respected dance music curators

With a record label, party promotions service and now successful music side project of their own, we caught up with Eton Messy as they announce their forthcoming Winter Tour.

MoS: You’ve transitioned from curators of a YouTube channel to a touring power house, via a successful side project in the form of Blonde. Do your hearts lie in releasing music or producing it?

Eton Messy: I think when it comes to Eton Messy we want to sit on the releasing side of things. With EM we are a lot more passionate about working with artists and doing what we can to help them progress over us actually producing music ourselves. Obviously Adam and Jake are very passionate about producing which is why they have ended up being so successful with Blonde. We like to think that Blonde is an example of where we have helped where we can in developing an artist with the help of our Presents Tours, Free Download Series and Youtube Channel.

What’s been the track you’ve been most proud to support on the youtube channel?

That is a pretty tough one because over the years we have supported so many things! if we were to stick on the topic it would have to be “I Loved You” By Blonde. Except from that its so hard to pin point a particular track because we have had so many artists featured, including Route 94, Second City, Duke Dumont, Bondax, Disclosure… The List goes on!

Which YouTube ad do you find the most irritating?

It has to be those random kitchen utensil ones!!!!

For those who might not know, tell us about the winter tour.

So Yep, Once again we are taking the Presents Tour out across the UK. We are stepping it up again with some bigger and cooler venues and some surprises along the way. We can’t say who is playing yet purely because we want to keep people guessing for a while. We have a really cool release coming on the label in the next month or so, so we hope that will pick up some attention on the tour. - keep your eyes peeled for that one!

What track is getting your repeats recently?

We recently put up a Wicked Moon Boots remix of Lane 8, and i haven’t stopped listening to it since. Whatever he does is dreamy, and the combo of Lane 8 and Moon Boots is a killer one!

Get tickets for the Eton Messy Winter tour here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

03 Sep 2015