Zac Efron's
EDM Film Is A Box Office Failure

It's officially one of the worst performing films of all time.

After what seems like an entire summer of painstaking promotion, Zac Efron’s EDM odyssey has finally come out in cinemas

Sadly for Z-Efron, Em-Ra and the rest of its hyphen-loving cast members, #WAYF has been officially declared a box office failure. Scraping back barely a third of its six million dollar budget, it has been the fourth worst received wide release film in history.

The takings have been so poor that one of Warner Brothers’ most senior staffers has had to come forward and admit that the company is “disappointed”. Referring to the belief they had in Zac and his “passion project”, it’s unlikely they’ll be hiring him any time soon for a sequel.

Comments from the cast have yet to surface, though a quick scroll through Zac Efron’s Twitter suggests that he’s taken to re-tweeting compliments about the film, as well as posting pictures of his grandparents heading up a non-existent box office queue. 

It's a sad thing for We Are Your Friends, which if nothing else sought to legitimise the popularity of EDM in America. It seems it has done entirely the opposite, leaving only Justin Bieber as the last remaining ambassador of the bastardisation of rave culture.

While audience attendance interest has been underwhelming, it's worth noting that it's not exactly been panned by the critics, with most accounts saying that while the film's plot and character development leave a lot to be desired, the performances from its lead roles are on point. The BBC's own Mark Kermode - who is known for his lengthy rants - even went as far to say that it was "Zac Efron, to some extent, back on form."

We haven't got round to watching it just yet, so we'll hold off commenting until we have, check back later this week for our #hottake on EDMs silver screen debut.

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Written by Tamara Roper

01 Sep 2015