So... The 2015 DJ Rich List Is Out

*Deep Breath*

It's that time of year again

To be completely honest with you, cherished reader, we're not even really sure we should be reporting on this. Every year Forbes publish their Electronic Cash Kings List and every year it's the same few faces shuffling around the top ten.

...And this year is no different. Forbes have returned another rinse-repeat, uninspiring list. It sort of feels that the more the media report on these same few being the highest paid DJs, the more the free publicity will keep them cemented at the top. 

But everyone loves stories about obscene wealth, so here we go.

No.1 Calvin Harris - $66m

This year Calvin once again topped the list and tied with his previous record of $66m. Which begs the question, how do you get paid exactly $66m two years in a row? Does inflation just flat out not exist for EDM DJs? In other Calvin news, this year he and girlfriend Taylor Swift knocked Jay-Z and Beyonce from the top of Music's Highest Earning Couples List and he's branched out into offering grandiose three step workouts to his legions of followers.

No.2 David Guetta - $37m

A big old step down from Calvin, but still an utterly ridiculous amount of money to flop into your bank account at the end of the year. When people get angry about David riding live horses through clubs and (seemingly) tripping while playing to thousands of people, they're really missing the point that at some point this week, David Guetta went to his local ATM, checked his account, and there was THIRTY SEVEN MILLION more dollars in it than last year. And he therefore has no concept of anything.

No.3 Tiesto - $36m

In with a Bronze, it's everyone's favourite 7UP drinker, Tiesto. He made $36 million this year and played more than 100 dates. Which, to be fair to him does prove that he loves to play out. Because why would you bother playing 100 dates a year when you've already made bank from that godawful web-based talent show competition, if you didn't truly love the music?

No.4 Skrillex & Steve Aoki - $24m

When we went to Sonar earlier this summer, A$AP Rocky made it rain by throwing a LOT of Euros into the crowd. Skrillex however, didn't throw penny one. His set was still great though, and we loved "Where Are U Now", so we'll forgive him. In other news, can anyone actually name a Steve Aoki song? Like seriously.

The Rest:

Avicii $19m

Kaskade $18m

Martin Garrix & Zedd $17m

Afrojack &16m

Deadmau5 & Diplo $15m

Got it? Good. Go rant about it in the pub and we'll be back with pretty much the same list, this time next year, cool?

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Written by Matthew Francey

27 Aug 2015