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We've been to a LOT of festivals this year, but these are the stages that truly took our breath away.

We've been to a LOT of festivals this year, but these are the stages that truly took our breath away


It's a giant fire-breathing spider made out of ex-military equipment, what's not to like? Truly one of the most spectacular shows we've ever witnessed was the Arcadia show at Glastonbury this year. They mad scientists behind the show are beavering away on a new two-day festival to take over central Bristol next weekend. More info on that, right here.

Main Stage, Tomorrowland

Last year they had a 20ft water wheel cascading down from side stage and we didn't think they could possibly top that. Well this year they turned their stage into a colossal CASTLE. We've been to real-life actual castles and the Tomorrowland main stage was bigger than a lot of them.

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The Banghai Palace, Boomtown

Banghai Palace at Boomtown Fair 2015

A worthy successor to Arcadia's Boomtown crown. Read our full run down of Boomtown right here.

Ultra Main Stage, Ultra Music Festival

We flew four and a half thousand miles for this one back in March. And it did not disappoint, have a gape at some of the weird and wonderful people we met there with our massive photo gallery.

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The Boat, Mysteryland USA

It's a big neon boat run aground in the woods in New York. Channelling the old-timey paddle steamers popular at Disneyland resorts, this rave vessel brought massive beats and an impressive lightshow to hordes of land-lovers.

The Ship, Holy Ship!

Whereas Mysteryland had a boat. Holy Ship! is a boat. A bloody massive one that takes hundreds of ravers on a three day cruise around the Caribbean and plays host to some of the hottest names in dance music. Can someone please get us a cabin for next year?

Block9, Glastonbury

Glasonbury is full of weird and wonderful stages, but the award for most visual impressive (aside from the aforementioned Arcadia) has to go to Block9 - a five story tower block from your worst dystopian nightmares with a steaming tube carriage hanging out of the third floor. Wow.

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Despacio, Lovebox

Copious speaker stacks? Check. Massive disco balls? Check. Proper dancefloor? Check. DJs nowhere to be seen? Check. It's a full-blown nightclub in a tent, at a festival. What's not to love?

The Fort, Outlook / Dimensions

While the Tomorrowland stage my have been a formed in the image of a castle, this Outlook stage takes place in an actual castle (well a fort). Nestled into the Dalmatian coast, Outlook is one of the most naturally picturesque festivals going.

Arcadia Spectacular will run from 4th - 5th September in Bristol. Look out for us there and get your tickets here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

27 Aug 2015