Future Tactics With Birmingham's Greatest Producer

Preditah chats to us about Ibiza, collaborations and new directions.

Preditah’s name is a sounding gong

Famous for his float like a feather, sting like a bee instrumentals and remixes, his sound is rooted in Birmingham bassline but has since flourished in the London grime scene. Championed from Wiley to Jessie Ware, he chats to us about his new release with Yasmin, ‘Supernaturally’, and why he's not looking to be the next DJ EZ.

I’ve been in Ibiza a lot this summer, it’s an exciting thing. The difference between playing there and the UK is that people are more excited because they’re on holiday. When you go to Ibiza you’ve got a mixture of people, though certain clubs, like Sankey’s, are pretty much made up of people from the UK. You can play tunes from London or Birmingham and they’ll go off even more cos everyone’s excited to hear UK music abroad

The first time I played Sankey’s was pure love. I’m still getting tweets about it now, from people saying I made their holiday. It means at my next Sankey’s show people are gonna know what to expect and the hype will build around my set. At the minute the tunes going off out there vary, from ‘That’s Not Me’ and ‘Shutdown’ by Skepta. ‘Feed Them To The Lions’ goes off as well.

I tend not to play old school garage. The grey area for me is obviously EZ is the garage guy, and I don’t wanna come across as another EZ. I’d rather play a remix rather than play what everyone’s already heard. However, at the minute I play at Tinie Tempah’s pool party which is more of a commercial crowd- that’s the time when I’ll come in playing more commercial music, like those ghetto, bait garage tracks. If I’m in a club like Sankeys or Amnesia I keep it on the ground and play new stuff.

I’ve been using Supernaturally as my first track because it works in the club. It’s a track that came about from Yasmin and me having a session together. We’d recorded a few tracks but it seemed like the right thing to put out at this time because it’s summer.

It was good to meet Yasmin because we listen to the same music: R&B, a lot of soul, and most of all garage. She’s got a nice spirit. The aim is to work with more vocalists like her. At the end of the day there’s no point in me being a music producer if I ain’t got no songs. I’m all about trying to make a good song that everyone can sing and everyone can relate to.

In the past I’ve put out a few instrumental EPs and people have taken the beats, but it’s not been my focus to be another grime producer who produces grime for vocals. Making a track with somebody and writing it is more of an achievement. Whether it’s an MC or a singer I’d prefer to be in the studio with them and make something from scratch rather than just email them beats.

From now on I’m only gonna work with people who are brand new. Unsigned artists, unsigned singers, people that – I just wanna hear new talent, and make something fresher. I love Ed Sheeran but I’m saying I’d rather hear from Samuel, you know, who the fuck’s Samuel? What’s he gonna bring to the table? It’s more exciting than working with someone who’s got a name already, you know what I’m saying?

Supernaturally ft Yasmin is out right now. Buy it here

Preditah is still killin it out in ‘beefa. Keep up with him here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

20 Aug 2015