Calvin Harris Is Hit With A 15 Certificate

Music videos are getting hit with age certificates, and Calvin Harris is first up to be branded ‘violent’.

If you're worried about your little brother hitting refresh on a racy music video, new laws have been put in place to claim what he’s doing is illegal

In an attempt to “bring internet services in line with the offline world”, British music videos are being slapped with an age rating like those of cinema films.

Calvin Harris’s collaboration with Big Sean, "Open Wide", has been called out for its “strong bloody violence”, with its shoot out style music video. 


However, the ratings will only apply music videos produced in the UK, meaning that parent friendly artists like Jessie Ware are having their videos hit with accusations of “sexual content”.

Wanna get a bod like Calvin's? Thank us later.

The ratings won’t affect your ability to watch the videos either. They’ll just show up in the information below the video, in the section that nobody reads anyway- proving this government ruling to be completely worthwhile.

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Written by Tamara Roper

18 Aug 2015