The Gallery Presents: Dave Seaman B2B King Unique

Two Gallery legends go head to head in the interview pit

Prior to their slots playing The Gallery on Friday 14th of August, Dave Seaman and King Unique switch up the role play by taking turns to play interviewer

Including confessions of being locked out of Mour club, Facebook gripes, and they're 'favourite Dave's' this makes for revelatory reading. 

Dave Seaman: It’s been a long time since we last DJ'ed together. Are you still loving DJ'ing and producing or has the digital age taken the shine off one of the best jobs in the world?

King Unique: We last crossed paths a few years back, when you returned to the hotel as I was giving an extremely angry blonde stripper with a mascara-pencil beard her cab-fare home. There really was an innocent explanation... So the job: still enjoying the time in the studio and the booth as much as ever, maybe more. Loving the industry a little less on the other hand; on the production side it seems Silicon Valley has succeeded in turning us all into unpaid interns for previously salaried roles.

D: I’m about to do the next Across Borders mix CD following in your footsteps after your Across Borders: London release earlier this year. How did you find the process this time? Do CDs still have their place today or are they a breed on the edge of extinction? 

KU: I made the mix that most captured what I wanted to say about music at that moment. I invested lots of effort into developing an artwork concept that complemented the music, which was as rewarding a process as the musical selection. The physical CD aspect was actually a late change of plan – Armada originally envisaged the mix as a digital release; although I gently urged them to reconsider. I guess that says something about the physical format today – for all sorts of reasons artists, labels & fans alike still want that object that they can play in their car or stick on the shelf alongside their other favourite music.

D: I saw a post of yours recently that said you’re sick of artists never speaking their minds. Who do you think never gives a fuck and always tells it like it is despite the consequences? 

KU: I’m as guilty of this as the next person – who wants to be bucking the trend when the big bucks are in trending? Brash opinionated guys like Deadmau5 & Diplo cut through all the noise, but not because they have anything truly controversial to say; it’s all 90% music, music industry gossip and bitching – Facebook LOVES that. It’s ruthlessly on topic, they’re behaving in the way the lowest common denominator expects a DJ to behave (no interests outside of DJing, no introspection). If you’re not riding that particular train then you’d better be hand-hearting & ’thank you (insert city), really felt the love last night’-ing because that’s the only other thing Facebook has deduced the aggregated fan-entity wants from us.

D: Tell us a few things that you have heard, seen or read that have particularly inspired you so far in 2015.

KU: Petrels - Flailing Tomb is a wonderful album, the latest offering from the insanely prolific Oli Barrett; it covers the monumental noisecore symphonies & intimate mogadon introspection that Petrels is known for while also setting out a full-on three part krautrock exploration that entirely won me over by the time it reached an unexpectedly ferocious climax that even Motorhead would be proud of.

D: When was the last time you cried and why?

KU: Last week I got a bit teary watching Wreck-It Ralph with my 5-year old daughter.

D: What do you do in moments of weakness?

KU: Forget that it was all my own choices that lead me here.

Here, King Unique turns the questioning around on Dave Seaman

King Unique: The first time I played Ministry of Sound I found myself standing in the street trying futilely to get back in. I ended up being rescued by 90s 'yoof' TV icon Normski. What was your first/weirdest Ministry of Sound experience (as either a DJ or clubber)?

Dave Seaman: I can’t recall any quirky or crazy stories from Ministry to be honest but I do remember my first time. It wasn’t long after it opened, David Morales was playing and the sound system was something else. It was the best the UK had seen at the time and remains mightily impressive to this day. It's such an institution now. As much of a tourist attraction for young people visiting London as Madame Tussauds is for waxwork enthusiasts or Tower Bridge is for people who like dungeons. Long may it continue. 

KU: If you were to head a particular ministry (real or imaginary and bearing in mind that Sound is already taken) what would you be Minister of? What would you do in your role? 

D: Definitely football. Although I’d probably have to work on my corruption skills. First of all I’d find a very rich sugar daddy for Leeds United and then I’d basically make the rules up as I went along to ensure England won every World Cup from here on. And for half time entertainment at every game I’d throw Mr Blatter and his cronies to the lions for a little light hearted fun.

KU: Who’s your favourite seaman (either historical or fictional)?

D: Captain Pugwash.

KU: Who’s your favourite Dave?

D: Well it’s definitely not Cameron. And Beckham and Dangerous ‘Roll Another Phat One’ Pearce don’t quite have the credentials to be real favourites. Dave Grohl seems like a very nice man,  but I think I’ll go for Attenborough. He’s a Dave’s Dave if ever there was one!

Dave Seaman and King Unique will be going B2B in 103 while Hernan Cattaneo will be in The Box on Friday 14th August. Get your tickets here.

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