1411 Nightclubs Have Closed In Ten Years

At a rate of almost 100 per year, the UK’s nightclubbing industry is rapidly decreasing.

At a rate of almost 100 per year, the UK’s nightclubbing industry is rapidly decreasing

It seems like every other week there’s news of a British nightclub closing down. The Arches in Glasgow, Plastic People in London, Air in Birmingham. Tally the stats up and it’s a rate of 100 clubs a year, or nearly ten clubs a month.

The situation has become so noticeable that BBC Newsbeat have done an investigative piece into WTF is going on. Interviewing clubbers who comment on the changing nature of night time culture and poking around closed down Liquid clubs, it makes for pretty desolate viewing. 

With clubs of all sizes shutting down left right and centre, they spoke to some of the people most involved with nightclubs for an insider's perspective, hopping down to Ministry of Sound to meet some of the people who came to see ATB. You can check out the video here, it makes for some interesting viewing.

The report also catches up with our guy at the helm, Lohan Presencer, who acknowledges the fact that people look for different ways to go out. ""With the advent of later pub opening hours, the smoking ban, student tuition fees and the squeeze that a lot people are under financially since the recession,I think people are finding different ways and different places to go out."

With parties that start in the morning, run throughout the day and go straight on until the next morning, Ministry of Sound can safely say we've got a pretty stacked range of events.

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Written by Tamara Roper

10 Aug 2015