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League of Nations

Tomorrowland is where the whole world comes to party - but which Nations party the hardest?

Tomorrowland is where the whole world comes to party - but which Nations party the hardest?

Tomorrowland is one of the world's great international events. This year it attracted 180,000 ravers from nearly 100 different countries. It's pretty much the Olympics of EDM and, like the Olympics, there are winners and there are losers. So we decided to hand out a bunch of totally fictional awards to the various nations that impressed (or depressed) us over the weekend. 

So without further ado, we proudly present: The Tomorrowland League Of Nations.

Most Go Hard Or Go Home (On Your Own): Israel

This was taken at about 1PM on the last day. Considering the arenas only open at 12PM, this is an astounding effort from our nameless Israeli friend here. He's got a flag, a pint, sweat (or beer?) stains, he's on his own and he does. Not. Care. Kudos to you sir!

Most Unsure What Their Flag Looks Like: Australia

Another heavweight contender for hardest partiers are, of course, the aussies. These guys were pretty lairy when I bumped into them at the main stage, but what stuck out most for me was that they were the only nationality I met carrying a variation of their flag, rather than the official one. I'm sure these guys know this isn't their nations' flag, but for the purposes of this article, let's all assume they don't. 

Friendliest Crew: Bermuda

The Bermudians had an unfair advantage in this category, as one of the Ministry team is from this sunny Island. He told me that Bermuda is so small that if I ran into anyone and told they his name, they'd almost definitely know him. So I put it to the test in Belgium last weekend and I met his best friends. And they were very friendly.

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Highest Rollers: Croatia

Any time I ventured to the main stage VIP viewing platform these three were living the high life with their chequered flag. I mean, considering they come from a country that has a festival every 30 seconds, you'd have to be a baller to bother going to one outside your borders, even if it is Tomorrrowland.

Most Positive Ravers: U.S.A.

"I'll choose this one because you know, Martin Luther King" - joked my new American friend as he selected a motivational quote I took from Napoleon Dynamite

Best Outfits: Japan

I spotted this crew from a mile off last on Saturday night. Not only do they have light up polar bear hoodies, but they're also wearing glasses that have cat whiskers hanging from the frame. This was a serious festival getup.

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Biggest Chillers: Sweden

Maybe it's because they come from the home of flat pack furniture, but the Swedes were the only nation to fully set up camp at the main stage. Making themselves well and truly at home with a chill out zone made of their national flag.

Most Notable Absence: Brazil

The Brazilians were, without doubt, the most fun people I ran into at Tomorrowland 2014. Unfortunately I didn't meet any this year - maybe the rain put them off, or maybe the can't be bothered with the journey now that they host they're very own Tomorrowland Brazil. A good move for Brazil, a terrible move for Europe.

Most Disappointing Turn Out: Ireland

I didn't run into a single one of my countrymen over the course of the festival. Nor did I see any tricolours, shamrocks or leprechauns. What gives Ireland? We're supposed to lead the world in partying - or at least we certainly like to think we do - and we couldn't even make it over to Belgium to show the world how it's done? Poor form lads.

Honourable Mention: India

Probably the most excited and enthusiastic ravers I met over the weekend was a big squad from India. unfortunately they were dancing so much I didn't get a single good photo of them. Sorry guys!

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Written by Matthew Francey

31 Jul 2015