The Gallery Presents

Solis And Sean Truby

Solis and Sean Truby are in the mix ahead of their Gallery debut alongside ATB on Friday 31st July.

Solis and Sean Truby are in the mix ahead of their Gallery debut alongside ATB on Friday 31st July

The Gallery Presents - Trans_Mutation 014: Solis & Truby by Ministry Of Sound on Mixcloud

How did you go about compiling this mix?

We recently celebrated 50,000 fans on our official Facebook page and wanted to give something back so decided to do a mix packed full of our own productions. This is part of that exclusive mix to show you guys what we’re all about.

What’s your favourite track?

There are so many big tracks around at the moment. Trance is certainly on the up again which is fantastic news! Anything from our own label is up there for obvious reasons, however outside of Infrasonic we’d have to say Markus Schulz’s ‘Destiny’ which is a tune of the year contender for us. To be asked to remix the track was a huge honour but the original mix has been in pretty much every set we’ve played this year which shows how much we rate it.

What excites you most about making Gallery debut at Ministry of Sound?

All artists have a list of where they want to play and MOS has been top of our own personal list for sometime now. We set out our stall last year with The Gallery in mind so to finally be making our debut is really special to us. Its been an institution for so many years now and we cant wait!

Will you adapt performance in any way, to suit The Gallery faithful?

We were recently told we would be opening The Box which is really something! Expect the same chunky S&ST sound but with a twist to help set the mood for what will be a fantastic night.

Finally in good old Gallery tradition, three words to sum up your forthcoming performance?

You’ll be Sectioned!

Solis and Sean Truby will be supporting ATB this Friday at The Gallery, get your tickets here.

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Written by The Gallery

30 Jul 2015