Are Daft Punk About To Become Literary History?

The robotic duo might be about to get a book dedicated to them.

You're only a serious musician when someone writes a 33 1/3 about you

The book series is a chance for authors to pen the story of their favourite albums. Potential authors have to submit pitches to be chosen for publishing, and this year's submissions are looking more electronic than ever. Including acts like The Chemical Brothers, Caribou and mystery man Burial, this new batch of books will hopefully steer away from the rock heavy list. As the dust settles on Eden (you can watch an exclusive clip on that here), fans of further context will be pleased to hear that Daft Punk may be about to have another chapter of their backstory investigated. The submissions list includes three Daft Punk albums: Discovery, Random Access Memories and Homework.

Remember the time we found the world's first Daft Punk tribute act?

If successful, one of these albums could have about 150 pages of text dedicated to it, documenting anything and everything from its influences, its impact and (hopefully) an explanation as to why the author thinks it’s so fucking worthwhile.

Whether the people behind 33 1/3 think Daft Punk are a worthy enough act for a book to be written in their honour will be seen, but with 106 titles that lean heavily towards rock and alternative, we reckon it’s about time they let a little French Touch into their repertoire. 

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30 Jul 2015