Festivals 2015

We're At Tomorrowland, Again!

Tomorrowland, we're coming back for you!

Seeing as our previous coverage of Tomorrowland has managed to crash this very website, we thought we'd try and do it again this year

We're squeezing in as much live coverage as is humanly possible over the weekend. From live tweeting our findings throughout the day to posting whatever we know you'll enjoy on Instagram, we're hoping this year's content will be the best yet.

Highlights from 2014 include us snaring the likes of NERVO, Bontan and R3HAB, luring them into answering some of the most pointless questions imaginable. 

See for yourself.

We also got to the bottom of what the most Shazam'ed tracks of the festival were. With three Dmitri's in the top ten, did the other seven tracks turn out to be one hit wonders of the summer? Refresh your memory here and come back next week when we reveal what the biggest tracks of 2015 were at the festival.

Tune into Ministry of Sound radio here for all-weekend coverage of the biggest EDM festival in Europe.

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Written by Tamara Roper

24 Jul 2015