Public Furious At David Guetta Horsing Around

Over 5,000 people have signed a petition for him to get off his high horse.

Over 5,000 people have signed a petition for him to get off his high horse

The David Guetta narrative becomes more and more unbelievable with each passing day. It seems like he's reached such a height of stardom that he pretty much just does whatever he wants and everyone just goes along with it. And while you have to hand it to the man for being so confident in his abilities he apparently tripped during his headline set at TomorrowLand, his latest escapade has got him in a lot of hot water.

David's infamous F*** Me I'm Famous residence at Pacha is one of the longest running events on The White Isle, but this year it's attracted attention for all the wrong reasons. A few months back the trailer for the Wild West themed 2015 edition was widely criticised for 'cultural appropriation'.

But this week Internet fury over the event reached whole new heights when it emerged that the superstar DJ rode a horse through the crowded dancefloor while music pumped out of the speakers at the event's opening night. The video which was uploaded to YouTube on 5th June, but wasn't widely disseminated until it caught the attention of a certain Mau5-eared Canadia, has been viewed 78,000 times and has attracted a barrage of negative comments from people concerned for the animal's safety.

Indeed it seems the public are so disgusted at the treatment of the animal that a petition to stop Guetta renting horses for his Pacha show has been signed by over 5,000 people just a few days after its creation.

The petition states that attendees have said the horse was "visibly stressed" and had that the horse had previously suffered "an injured back and 2 legs". While these reports have yet to be verified, it seems that it might be a wise choice for the Frenchman to leave his four-legged friend at home next time and IDK maybe just get an Uber like everyone else.

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Written by Matthew Francey

01 Jun 2015