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The Best Homegrown Acts At Melt!

The cream of homegrown crop to catch at Melt!

Though the Melt! line up has a hot tonne of overseas talent, their homegrown bunch pack a punch

We've already run through our personal highlights on the lineup, but we thought we should shine a light on what Germany's music scene has to offer right now. 

Marcel Dettman

Marcel Dettman is to techno what Angela Merkel is to Germany. 

Local Suicide

Bleak name for a painfully cool duo, Local Suicide perform live, DJ and produce. Quite what they'll be doing at Melt! will need to be seen to be believed.


Deep and spacey techno, don't be surprised if you catch the lives of Dettman and Klock at the front of Rødhåd's 1am set on Friday night. 


If you live in the UK, this is all Romano's Youtube wants you to see. Intrigued much. 

Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien leads the last men and women standing into the closing party on Sunday, starting at 2am and finishing at 6am. Called a 'creative all rounder', she's been a record label manager since 1999. Expect 16 years of knowledge in her closing set.

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Written by Tamara Roper

16 Jul 2015