Deadmau5 Calls Out Zimmer

Deadmau5 is on the Twitter warpath again, but this time it seems he might have a justified beef.

The Mau5 is getting mad on the Internet again, but this time it seems like he could have good reason

Everyone take cover! Deadmau5 is on the Twitter warpath again, but this time it seems like he might actually have a justified beef. Barely a week goes by without the Canadian superstar DJ courting controversy online, and to be honest he's pretty much the gift that keeps on giving for dance music writers across the world. Usually his Twitter spats involve him singling out specific DJs or the wider EDM culture, but this week it looks like he has a legitimate beef.

Zimmer is a French producer known for his specialisation in tropical house and disco, but his latest track "Heartbreak Reputation" has roused the irk of the Mau5 as he thinks it's ripping off his seminal hit "I Remember". You can have a listen to both below and see what you think, but Zimmer's certainly acting like he's been caught red handed, he removed the track from his Soundcloud as soon as Joel took to Twitter to voice his anger.

Unluckily for Zimmer though, the Internet is basically California and no matter how much deleting you do, YouTube will find a way. We'll keep you updated on this as it progresses but for the moment it seems like one Frenchman is having a very unhappy Bastille.

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Written by Matthew Francey

14 Jul 2015