Have Diplo And Skrillex Made A Man Of Justin Bieber?

Jack Ü are on a mission to bring pop’s most hated manchild back into the mainstream.

The road to Justin Bieber’s coming of age has been paved with public roasts, public apologies and Calvin Klein ad campaigns, though it seems like his final stepping stone to adulthood might be shaped like a Jack Ü produced anthem

Created under the moniker of Skrillex and Diplo’s forever smiling side project, "Where Are Ü Now" doesn't take Bieber too far out of his child star comfort zone. The song writing hasn’t left the mid noughties and although the sentiment remains the exactly the same, it's Skrill and Dip’s production loops, the echoed flute over with the subtle sound of a bassy trap that make "Where Are Ü Now" a kind on the ears and soft on the heart kind of anthem. 

It'll please Bieber's fan girl army, mute his haters for maybe 5 seconds and cement Diplo and Skrillex's reputations as the producers to go to if your teen idol needs a re brand.

Has Justin Bieber been made an adult by a producer who refuses to cut his hair and the guy who periodically fills his Instagram with soft porn? A funny twist of fate if ever there was one. The track comes with an ego-on-sleeve video of fans being allowed to draw on several hundred images of Bieber, animated as he dances amongst the insults. Choice snapshots include:

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Written by Tamara Roper

30 Jun 2015