OMG! Someone MAde A Lego Glastonbury

Probably the best cure for your post Glastonbury blues!

Probably the best cure for your post Glastonbury blues!

We've just got back from our first trip to Glastonbury and we'll be bringing you all the news and pictures from our time there over the next few days. But while we're getting our head back together, we thought we'd share this Glastonbury related photo gallery with you.

One thing that everyone who's been to Glastonbury will always talk about is the sheer size of the festival. It took us about 35 - 45 minutes to walk from one end of the site to the other (depending on inebriation levels). While it's great to get some exercise and even better that there's so much to see and do, by day three it can become a little exhausting - not to mention inconvenient when you're rushing between acts.

Obviously Lego are concerned about the size of Glasto too, as they've put together a much more manageable version for their Legoland Windsor resort. The miniature Glastonbury has all the hallmarks of a classic Glasto experience: you've got The Pyramid Stage, port-a-loos, backstage parties, big name performers like Kanye West, Florence and the Machine, Dave Grohl and Pharrell, celebrity guests including Kim Kardashian, and some actual Somerset mud!

So if you didn't make it to this year's festival and are getting jealous of everyone's Glastonbury Instagrams, then maybe get yourself to Legoland and enjoy Glasto without all the walking!

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Written by Matthew Francey

30 Jun 2015