The Chemical Brothers Call EDM "Alien"

The button wizards share their opinions on EDM

Releasing their eight record next month, The Chemical Brothers are back wowing audiences with their big room electronic mastery

The group, who in their own words have been making music “longer than most marriages”, have both branched off at various tangents over the last two decades to pursue their own interests. Their current live show is being headed up by Tom Rowlands as Ed Simons finishes his degree.

Remaining a force in dance music, their new record, entitled Born In The Echoes, will featuring artists including Beck and Ali Love. It won’t, however, include the likes of Martin Garrix and Tiesto.

In an interview with The Observer, Tom Rowlands refers to the EDM scene as “a mad old world”, referring to its music as “pie chart” and “one dimensional”. The pair have forever sought to create a multi layered emotion that often doesn’t sit in the EDM genre bracket.

“There’s just one feeling: very triumphant, very celebratory. We like the sense that you go through different experiences.” 

A valid point from the group who have pioneered dance music since the 90s or two veterans who don't get it? You decide.

You can re watch The Chemical Brothers from Glastonbury right here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

29 Jun 2015