It's A Pride Party!

Don your glad rags to the sound of Frankie Knuckles, Zebrakatz and Madonna

Whether you're celebrating Pride on the streets of London this weekend, celebrating the legalisation of gay marriage in the States or you're celebrating the beauty of equality in your home, let's give a big shout out to the LGBTQ community on this most historic of Junes.

From some of the biggest innovators in dance music, let's hold hands and party together this weekend, to the sound of the likes of Frankie, Grace and Gaga. 

Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)- Hercules and Love Affair

The track that convinced Frankie Knuckles to return to remixing, the old and new of New York house converge in this one beatific track.  

Hung Up- Madonna

Madonna, but with an Abba twist. Because DUH.

Born This Way (Zedd Remix) - Lady Gaga

Just like being kicked in the face with a stiletto. Repeatedly.  

Your Love- Frankie Knuckles

RIP Frankie Knuckles, your music takes the hearts of men and women and lifts them right up to the clouds in a glorious rainbow of equal love and affection.

Ima Read- Zebrakatz

Godfather of queer culture, Zebra 'fuckin Katz puts on the face of an educator in this glass shattering anthem 'Ima Read'

I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dmitri From Paris Remix)- Prince

Watch hands raise as the opening chords of this play out in any club, gay or straight. If anyone proves that sexuality is merely subjective, it's Prince. Dimitri from Paris opens the doors to the dancefloor on this remix.

King- Years & Years

We beg you: find one man or woman who isn't the slightest bit in love with Olly Alexander. 

Glitterball- Sigma ft Ella Henderson

A favourite on Minstry of Sound radio, Glitterball is precisely the sort of uplifting anthem that should dominate any celebration of love and equality.

I Feel Love- Donna Summer

No words. 

Grace Jones- Pull Up To The Bumper

The ultimate dancehall queen, Grace Jones we salute you.

You can catch all of these artists, and hundreds more, over on Ministry of Sound radio.

26 Jun 2015