Resident Advisor Has Finally Launched a
Mobile App

The worldwide dance music listing site has left the desktop

If you live in a big city and like going out at the weekend, there’s a strong chance Resident Advisor is saved as one of your bookmarks.

Its 2.7 million monthly users are able to look through a city's club night listings, browse through how they’re ranked in terms of attendance and click attending on parties of their own- as well as book tickets and read extensive editorial content around artists and events.

Up until now RA has been solely available via desktop, making it the only website aside from Porn Hub that sees a traffic spike between 8pm and midnight on a Friday. It was only a matter of time until they transferred to mobile.

As it currently stands, the app is available only to iPhone users, with an android version on the way. It has yet to carry over its editorial and video content, focusing mainly on event listings. Fans of Samsung and long reads will have to stay patient. 

Though you can buy tickets for Ministry of Sound events on Resident Advisor, you can also buy them here.

25 Jun 2015