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Last Minute Concerns Of Glasto N00b

A train of thought pre-festival meltdown from a Glasto virgin.

A train of thought pre-festival panic attack from a Glasto virgin

Preparing for Glastonbury is a pretty ominous experience, especially if it's your very first time. Now I'm by no means a festival beginner - I've already been to one this week - but Glasto looms larger on the festival landscape than perhaps any other. Everyone who's ever been talks about how great it is, how big it is, how life-changing it is, how muddy it is... So as I run through my checklist one final time before sprinting to Waterloo to catch the train and finally join the action (I'm already a day late) here are some of the last minute concerns of a Glasto N00b.

Where is my ticket?

Where is my train ticket?

How much booze is too much?

How much booze is too little?

Why are sleeping bags so big?

What's the forecast?

What's the forecast?

what's the forecast?


How muddy can it really get?

How am I going to find my friends?

Is there Wi Fi?

Is there 4G?

How much food is too little?

Did I remember socks?

Where in the name of all that is holy am I going to find Wellington boots in Zone 1?

Is that the time?!


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Written by Matthew Francey

25 Jun 2015