Father's Day Gifts For Music Loving Dads

Forgot about Father's Day?

Whoops. You forgot about Father's Day too?

No worries. In our fight to save our music loving fathers from spending 24 hours worrying about their parental inadequacy, we're sharing some ideas for last minute gifts that'll leave them beaming. You're welcome.

Anker Bluetooth Speaker

390 five star Amazon reviews do not lie. A teeny tiny box of fun that projects more sound than you'd expect, this Anker Bluetooth speaker is the gift your dad needs to drag him into the digital age, leaving his wires behind. He'll be so impressed that he'll tell his friends- and what's Father's Day without a personal ego boost.


We were tipped off about these headphones by non other than Tourist, and we believe him because the has a Grammy and we don't. They're AIAIAI and they're £70. 

How Music Works, David Byrne

Your dad likes David Eno, no? Bank on him liking Brian Eno and you've struck gold- a book about his favourite pastime by (possibly) his favourite musician. Call it a holiday read. 

ION Pure LP Conversion Turntable

Sick of seeing your old man playing vinyl on a record player that's been scratching his wax since 1989? Split this nifty LP player with a sibling and you'll be no longer forced to wince every time he reaches for the needle.

Ikea Vinyl Frames

We all know these vinyl frames have been a firm present choice for years now, but your dad doesn't. He'll be thrilled, and you'll get off the hook easy.

Bonus Round: Drive by Ministry of Sound!

Featuring tracks by David Guetta, DJ Fresh and Tough Love, this is all your dad needs when he's hammering it down the motorway on a Friday night. Get it here.

Written by Tamara Roper

18 Jun 2015