Biggest Bros In Dance Music

With the Entourage movie hitting UK shores today, we countdown the biggest bros in dance music.

With the Entourage movie hitting UK shores today, we countdown the biggest bros in dance music

10. Swedish House Mafia

The original dance Bros! Look at them there, hanging out in their matching leather jackets, Sebastian wearing his sunglasses indoors and swinging from a bottle of JD like he's Slash from Guns N Bro-ses. SHM brought the concept of Bro-dom to dance music - I mean even referring to your trio as a "Mafia" shows a level of prowess not seen in your average Bro. They could easily have topped this list, but they had to go and ruin it all by splitting up. Bros don't ditch their bros - it's just not Bro-sher.

9. David Guetta

Tiesto and Garrix crash a yacht into his house and he doesn't bat an eyelid. He's headlining Tomorrowland and he's tripping. He's inexplicably soundtracking Euro 2016. The man's a French Double Bro Seven.

8. DJ Pauly D

Lets look at Pauly's Bro-fessional credentials for a moment. He was on the show that helped bring Bro-dom to the masses, he's signed to 50 Cents' label, he's worked with Big Sean. Finally, in August 2012 the stars aligned and Pauly was given the bro-sition of 'Social Media Ambassador' by the WWE - an event so 'Bro', scholars feared it could herald the bro-pocalypse.

7. Skrillex

While he doesn't look like your typical Bro, he has a good body of Bro anthems under his belt and counts some of the biggest Bro's on the planet among his close friends. Probably his greatest achievement was making it marginally more OK for Bros to stand out from the stereotypical gym-rat mould. 

6. MK

Pioneer of the 'write my initials on your ass and send me a photo and i'll retweet it'. MK is a true pioneer of Bro and tell, which is why he's our highest ranking house star.

5. Dillon Francis

Often seen as the joker of the EDM pack, Dillon doesn't take himself too seriously. Frequently appearing in online skits and generally making fun of everything, he's a Banter-saurus Rex in a jungle of Bro-ciopaths.

4. Steve Aoki

Steve's interest include veganism, Native American rights and baked goods, so on the surface he doesn't seem like much of a Bro. But then you see him crowd surfing in dingys, smashing cakes in peoples faces, hanging out in Dan Bilzerian's gun room and partying with Vin Diesel, Dan and Ludacris like they're the goddamn Bro-nas Brothers. So he must be legit.

3. Tiesto

The Batman and Robin of Bro-dom. Bro-fessor in Chief, Tiesto, took baby-Bro Garrix under his wing and showed him how to smash back Jagerbombs and pose with strippers like he's Obi Wan Ken-Bro-bi.

2. Afrojack

He's named after a hairstyle he no longer has. He used to date Paris Hilton. He hangs with Pitbull. He has a G-Star Raw collection. A true titan of Bro-hood, he might as well change his name to Bro-metheus and have done with it. Here he is pictured with an eagle, because: Brooooooo-o!

1. Diplo

Here he is, the big Le-Bro-ski, Bro-seiden King of the Bro-cean, Bro-bye Bryant, Edgar Allen Bro, Bil-Bro Baggins. The Supreme Leader of the Bro-talitarian Regime, Diplo is every aspect of Bro-dom combined into one ultra Bro. 

But Dip-bro doesn't need us to tell you he's the Bro-thority on Bro-hood, just spend five seconds on his Bro-social media:

We play all the hits from all the Bros on our radio, blast it at your next Bro-cial gathering.

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Written by Matthew Francey

12 Jun 2015