Running Tips
And Running Trax

To celebrate the release of Running Trax, we asked the runners of Ministry of Sound to race us through their running stories

We've got you covered with some running tips just in time for summer?

Enough fumbling for the skip button when you’re mid-way through your run, Ministry of Sound’s latest Running Trax compilation has every song you need to get round the park, onto the treadmill or sprinting after the bus.

In celebration of its release, some of the Ministry of Sound running crew came through with some of their own running tips n tricks.

Nathan, Radio Producer

I started running because I was getting married, and I had a horrible beer belly. I thought, “I’ve got to do something about this”, so I started running, and it wasn’t too bad. I stopped smoking, and it became even more enjoyable, and then I got the Nike App, and it became a competition.

I can’t just go out of the house and run, I have to be going somewhere. I know if I go and run somewhere, I have to come back. I like to run on the way home, so I just get off at a stop, and then I have to get home.

A perfect thing to listen to is Ministry of Sound Daytime radio, because it’s high tempo stuff. I really love listening to G House, though "Labadi Warrior" by The Busy Twist is also a big running tune!

Janette, Junior Product Manager

I started running about nine months ago, to maintain fitness. I started on the treadmill, and my friend suggested we do 5K, which sounds like a lot but is only about half an hour.

I tend to run in the mornings, when I get back I’m ready for the day, I have breakfast and I’m good to go. I like to listen to grime when I’m running, and there are various apps that can tailor what it thinks you might want to listen to for your run.

Running Trax album pick: Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – "Get Low".

Anna + Jeanette

Anna, Junior Account Manager

On a good week I’ll run two mornings and one at the weekend. Usually in the mornings it’ll be a 5K, just round the streets where I live. Weekend I’ll maybe do 10K, around the parks. I do it because I feel really good and really energised. If I do it in the morning I feel much less tired, weirdly enough.

My tip for people starting out is to start building it slowly. I couldn’t run at all, then I did 1K, and kept going over the weeks. It took me about 4 or 5 months until I could do 10K. If you’re feeling like you’re aching then give yourself a break! I listen to podcasts, because they completely distract me from running.

Running Trax Album Pick: Huxely – "I Want You" 

Jon, Digital Assistant

I run 3-4 times a week, 7K each time usually. Every two weeks I will substitute one of these runs with a 10K run.

Running Tips: Wear breathable clothing and have a good pair of running shoes. Often people have different heel-toe movement so you need a specific type of shoe depending on what type of runner you are (someone in a running shop can help you). Make a running playlist that ascends in tempo/BPM to help kick you into overdrive for the final distances!

I run to keep active and stay in shape, and I find it helps me sleep better at night. It's a great time to do some thinking and leave behind the worries from your work week and a good way to alleviate stress too. Lastly, the feeling after a punishing run is pretty great, that socalled “runners high”.

Hannah, Marketing Assistant

I run twice a week and usually a distance of around 5-7K. I’m running more at the moment because I’m training for a 10K, and it’s summer, so it’s good to go running round the parks in south London- you feel so much better for it. 

Two favourite songs to run to are TNGHT – "Higher Ground" because the beat is perfect to jog to and Jai Paul – "Track 2" because it’s uplifting. Also Sigma – "Changing" (Stylo G remix) because it makes you run a little bit further when you’re just about to give up.

Tip for starting out: DON’T just run and hope you’ll last a couple of KM. Give yourself realistic goals like ‘run for 4 minutes, walk for 1’ and slowly build this and your distance over a few runs.

Running Trax is out Sunday 14th June. You can grab it here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

12 Jun 2015