Before he supports the unicorn slayer, Markus Schulz, this Friday, Omnia sat down with The Gallery.

Before he supports the unicorn slayer, Markus Schulz, this Friday, Omnia sat down with The Gallery

Hi Evgeny, how’s it going?

Hey hey, busy as always! But everything is going really well and I'm really happy to talk with you.

Your previous visit to The Gallery, was for our Xmas pre-party and main club show last December. How were both for you?

It was really special and I enjoyed both shows! The pre-party was really friendly and it was perfect opportunity to try some deep or big-classics tracks and of course it was fun playing yet another huge party at Ministry of Sound. The Gallery is still one of my favourite events and I’m so happy to be back with you guys again.

Main musical developments since then?

I completed my tours in US, Canada, China plus two huge shows at ASOT700 Australia and Netherlands.  I also had amazing shows around the world (Prague, India, Indonesia & more). But I’ve also been happy back to my studio. I've just released my remix of a great Andrew Rayel's track 'Impulse' and a massive collaboration Luke Bond - a big talent from UK!

Loving the new track with Luke Bond entitled "Reflex". How did this collaboration come about?

Thanks to you! I actually met Luke at The Gallery last time, this is how everything started. We had been talking about music and production all night and then connected through Skype and started our collaboration shortly after!

How much time was actually spent together in person, working on its composition?

After we met at Ministry of Sound I've never seen Luke in person so it was all online! The track was made really quickly and I’m really happy with Luke's input on the track. I'm pretty sure he has a big future!

What software was used to produce it, any special tools or plugins?

I can't speak for Luke but my part was made with software which I'm usually using in my studio: FL Studio as a sequencer and a lot of VSTs like Sylenth & NI Massive etc...

Belated happy birthday for last month, how did you celebrate?

Oh thank you so much! Honestly on that day I was travelling back home from my Canadian touR, so I spent it on a plane. When I came home, I was really tired after touring so I just had a glass of wine and went to bed. Not really an interesting story is it?

What's the one track you’ll definitely be playing on Friday?

I will be premiering a new Omnia tune!

Finally in good old Gallery tradition, describe your forthcoming set in three words?

Feelings, emotions and beats!

Omnia will be playing alongside Markus Schulz and Lee Osborne this Friday at The Gallery. Get tickets.

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Written by The Gallery

09 Jun 2015