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Dream Disclosure Collaborations

Our dream team of potential Disclosure collaborators.

Our dream team of potential Disclosure collaborators

After my Ministry of Sound Radio first play of Disclosure’s new track ‘"Holding On" racking up the love on our twitter and an album ram-packed with what’s been promised to be a plethora of delightful and diverse collaborations on the way, this summer is certain to be a good’un for the Disclosure lads. In fact, the only uncertain thing (for us mere mortals anyway) is who these golden guest stars will be! We recently took a moment on twitter to speculate the spectacular and here’s the top picks…..


20 year old Shamir Bailey has been creating a stir with his infectious blend of electro pop tinged disco for quite some while now. I can’t even begin to explain my love for his track "On The Regular"! With debut album Ratchet set to cause a funk fuelled frenzy, the LA based musician is certainly hot property….. A collaboration with the Lawrence brothers would be the stuff of dreams for sure.

Grace Jones

I shouldn’t have to bang on too much as to why this would be amazing for the world. Everyone from Annie Lennox to Hot Chip to Massive Attack credit all around icon Grace Jones as an influence to their sound. A collaboration with Disclosure is the stuff of fantasies.


The queen of pop herself has fallen head over heels for Disclosure’s addictive take on garage house and has even been spotted soaking up the tunes at the duos gigs. To induce even further heart fluttering Disclosure have stated that the idea of a collaboration isn’t off the table.

Kendrick Lamar

Back in 2013 Howard and Guy mentioned Mr.Lamar as one of their dream collaborations after revealing they’ve a taste for US hip-hop. He’s already worked with Flying Lotus and Flume so perhaps Kendrick’s game for fulfilling another of my musical fantasies! …..And speaking of Disclosure’s collaboration wish-list, can you guess who else the duo have been waxing lyrical about?.....

Clean Bandit

They’ve toured together and even have a songwriter in common (Jimmy Napes)….. I guess they’ll have to pull a Calvin Harris/Example and release a summer anthem together so the general public won’t get them confused *cough*

Lion Babe

Disclosure have already declared their love for New York duo Lion Babe’s potent mix of experimental soul and R&B stylings. Having already worked with Pharrell and Mark Ronson I feel a pairing with the Disclosure brothers would be a sensible next step for singer/songwriter Jillian Hervey and producer bandmate Lucas Goodman

Chaka Khan

There’s some clues pointing to why a collaboration with the queen of funk could be a possibility - She’s already shown appreciation for friend of Disclosure, Sam Smith, and lent her vivacious vocals to a track from fellow Uk garage-house hero Shift K3y ….. Let’s hope the brothers Khan work something out!


Because everyone’s music needs a Seal of approval. 

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Written by Arielle Free

29 May 2015