Hardstyle hero, Headhunterz, describes how working with Armin van Buuren was a golden opportunity to diversify his sound.

Before his headline set this Friday, hardstyle hero, Headhunterz, explains how working with Armin van Buuren was a golden opportunity to diversify his sound

Hi Willem, how’s it going today?

Hi there! I’m fine, thank you. We're just touring the US right now.

Welcome back to Ministry of Sound! what's your best memory from you debut at the club last February?

Thanks! Wow, it feels like a lifetime ago. I had just received a golden award for my track "Colors", so I was definitely in the mood to celebrate. Ministry is a great, intimate club, so it was a great experience. I'm looking forward to coming back there on the 29th.

Your latest remix of Armin van Buuren's "Another You" seems like a departure from the Hardstyle genre you're generally associated with. What influenced this change?

My own creative freedom. It was time for a change, to go back to experimenting and rediscovering my own, artistic boundaries. I was doing the same thing in hardstyle for more than 8 years and I needed a fresh breath of air. Not being limited to whatever style has given me lots of inspiration, and remixing Armin’s track was a great opportunity to show that to the world.

How did the project first come about, and how closely were you in collaboration with Buuren?

My management has been in close touch with Armin’s, and they saw an opportunity there. I was given carte blanche for this remix, so I locked myself up in the studio and finished it in a few days time. A few weeks later Armin premiered it at Tomorrowland in Brazil, what a show!

So this Friday will see a mixture of sounds in The Box?

Yes, definitely.

We hear you recently have a new Tattoo? What does the design symbolise?

As you may know, spirituality is very important to me. So, with this tattoo I wanted to honour my life and the meaningful experiences I’ve had so far. My mom tried to keep me from it, but that didn’t work out, haha. I really love it.

Did it hurt?

It was worth it!

One other track you’ll definitely be playing on Friday is…?

My new collab with Crystal Lake, "Live Your Life". It’s out on Doorn Records on May 25th.

Finally use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Diverse, open-minded and energy.

Headhunterz will be joined by New_ID and Pink Panda on Friday 29th May. Get tickets here.

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27 May 2015