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Turns out people from Ibiza have different ideas of what habitable means...

Turns out people from Ibiza have different ideas of what habitable means...

I’m going to go ahead and say that a lot of holiday resorts in Ibiza resemble the Balearic version of an inner city ex council estate

Behind the plastic sun lounger facade of luxury is not air conditioning, but misery wrapped up in a DC-10 comedown. They're full of millennials paying too much for inconvenient and over crowded living space, forced to listen to their neighbours falling out in the next room over what boat party to try and head to.

A scour of Air BnB will throw up decadence that extends further than a Thompson Cook package, but it'll also uncover these more eclectic holiday rest spots.

"Living Aboard A Sailing Yacht"

Sleeping with four walls and a roof too dry for you? Try the “sea wolf” lifestyle with Arkadi, who offers a bed aboard his good ship for £37 a night. Instead of stumbling out of a taxi and into Pacha, why not make your entrance with prestige. 

"Ibiza, now and always"

This is Hector, who, according to Air BnB, is the nicest guy on the entire island. Reviews for his flat rarely seem to comment on his space, rather his “great social power” and cooking prowess. Compliments are returned in the form of comments noting his guests' beauty and warmth. Stay here for an ego boost if nothing else. 

Espacios Abiertos/ 'Open Spaces'

There’s something about this listing that insinuates that it may all be one big joke. Your bed is sheltered by a scarf propped up on sticks, your toilet quite literally a bucket with a toilet seat. All for the very non funny price of £18 quid a night.  

AMOR ~ gorgeous Moroccan-style tent

If vibes are your thing but you reckon you’re at least one  step above pissing in a bucket, this more decadent version of our farmyard habitacion is this Moroccan inspired listing. Featuring a positively rustic “sweet outdoor toilet”, you can sleep in a tent in the shadow of what appears to be a structurally intact villa. It’s strictly not for party people though, unless you’re planning on creeping in at night.


Pros are it comes with a drain, cons are someone thinks this is a cool idea. 

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Written by Tamara Roper

18 May 2015