Riaz Dhanani
"Dark Forest" VIP

Audio Rehab's Riaz Dhanani gave us an exclusive VIP mix of his hit "Dark Forest" to give away and had a quick chat with us

Audio Rehab's Riaz Dhanani gave us an exclusive VIP mix of his hit "Dark Forest" to give away and had a quick chat with us ahead Audio Rehab this Saturday

How did you get involved with the Audio Rehab gang?

My good friend Adam Cotier rang me on a Sunday a good few years back and informed me of a dope Sunday party at Club Aquarium. Mark Radford was basically running the show! From here we became good pals and we all ventured in to renting a studio together in Camden underneath Bar Vinyl. We made lots of tunes together until we made a decent EP and put it out on Audio Rehab!

What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your set this Saturday, do you have anything special up your sleeve?

I'll be wearing a T-shirt so no sleeves! I'm just going to do what I always do and connect with the crowd and create something special together! Expect Big bass and energetic rolling drum grooves! Lots of my new productions and maybe some curve balls but you'll have to be there for the experience ;)

You’ve very kindly given us a track to give away, “Dark Forest”, can you talk us through the track?

Well it's actually the VIP mix of it that I'm giving away. "Dark Forest" was my first hit that put me on the map with Audio Rehab as a label and a great following that came with it! I still listen to DJs and ravers playing it about now like its hot off the press which is really, really amazing. I made the VIP a little while back and have kept it quite tight and I wasn't sure when to release it. But the buzz around it and people asking for it has been crazy so I thought why not give it away as a gift TO give something back to the DJs and ravers as it's always about the supporters. I think it's nice that my break-through track has been re-vamped and everyone can have it for free!

If you were going to be stuck in a dark forest, who would you rather be stuck with, Mark Radford or Carnao Beats?

Haha! Ok well… Mark I always have great banter with! But add a bottle of brandy into the mix and I don't think I could take his drunk singing! (He knows what I'm talking about!) Carnao is a bit of a unit! So if there are any aggy bears lurking around in this forest then I guess he'd be a better candidate to fight em off! I'm gonna go with Mark though as he's the label boss... it makes sense ha!

It’s almost Ibiza season, what’s the one tip you’d give to someone going on their first trip to the White Isle?

I could write up a whole essay on this but, my one piece of advice is, go try ALL the different nights out! (except Paris Hilton's!) The music and crowds are so diverse out there, it's a real experience. Sometimes you'll find your favourite music comes together better in a certain club just because of the setting and atmosphere that comes with the place and it makes it special. The whole island is amazing so take time out to explore more of it other than just the usual hotspots and beaches.

Describe your music in four emojis or less


Catch Riaz at Audio Rehab this Saturday with Mark Radford, Carnao Beats and Low Steppa. Tickets here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

14 May 2015