EDX talks to us about his new track on HK Records, "Want You".

EDX talks to us about his new track, "Want You", out now on HK Records

I guess you’re still recovering from the craziness of WMC and Ultra. You called it a “magic place” where you “get to hear new music, maybe the next summer hit”. Do you think you managed to hear the next big song of the summer?

There was so much new music and a lot of inspiration for me, I can’t really name any record. My remix for Sam Feldts - "Show Me Love" record did really well, I was able to feel that this gonna be another hitting remix. The most played record at Ultra this year was a Hip Hop tune… “CoCo”!

It seems like a big party of friends out there. Who are your best DJ friends out there?

I’m touring over so many years and I was able to spend so many great moments with a lot of DJs that became friends. This year I was really happy that some of my Helvetic Nerds buddies made it over to Miami, like Nora En Pure, Croatia Squad, Cedric Zeyenne.

How do you think the festival has changed since 1997?

Bigger, louder, more sell out.

What was your personal highlight out in Miami, what was the best party you attended?

I played a lot of great shows this year including Ultra. Personally my favourites were my closing set for Yoshitoshi at National Pool, my set at Foxtail Pool, NoXcuses at Mokaii, with lot’s of friends and the first ever Enormous Tunes Showcase at Rec Room with the family!

It looks like you were in SA recently. What were you up to there?

Well in the meantime I was back in the USA and then to Asia too. I am going to the US again this week. South Africa was a great three city experience, with people that really appreciate quality music. Each show was unique and the promoter I worked for this show really made this tour something super special. Durban, Jburg and Cape Town, unique places on earth with real music lovers. Can’t wait to be back. A special experience was a BBQ I did on Monday before heading back home for a day, with 20 super talented upcoming and rising artists. Really enjoyed that day with the future of South Africa.

How do you find the dance music scene in SA, what sort of stuff are people into?

People Love music, they love house and music with soul. I was super surprised how well the scene is over there. Can’t wait to go back…

Which other countries are you hitting up in the coming months, are there any news places on your schedule?

Well I was in Asia last weekend, and I am heading to the USA these next two weeks with a stop in Australia the week after for a two city tour then back to the USA, before going to back to Zurich for three cities including a gig in a Airplane from London to Frankfurt… 

Do you get nervous playing in places you’ve never played before?

Always nervous, don’t wanna lie… Please don’t tell anyone...

Tell us about your new track, out on HK records. Where is your perfect place to hear it being played?

It’s a more energetic record I worked on a few months back, I am playing it since then and it always turns into a floorfiller with people smiling and jumping. I was working on a vocal version last week and I believe that will be a perfect blend for this summer. I can’t wait to air this for you guys soon. "Want You" is a record that can work very well on big festivals, just because it’s different but still has the energy you need on festivals but will work on more clubby set ups due to the more deeper vibe and chords.

You played Ministry of Sound at the end of the summer last year. Is it a spot you’d like to return to soon?

Of course MoS has always been fun times. I've played there three times so far and I was always happy to see the UK crowd reacting well to quality music. The UK is definitely the place to be for me…  #NoXcuses

EDX - "Want You" is out now on HK Records.

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Written by Tamara Roper

12 May 2015