Benny Benassi

Before he headlines his first Friday night at Ministry of Sound, dance legend Benny Benassi had a chinwag with The Gallery.

Before he headlines his first Friday at Ministry of Sound this weekend, dance legend Benny Benassi had a chinwag with The Gallery

Ciao Benny, how’s it going today?

Very good thanks!

Welcome to Ministry on a Friday night! A regular on Saturdays, what do you love most about playing the club?

Ministry of Sound is one of my favourite venues to play, the sound system is great!

You’ve visited The Gallery many times before, when at Turnmills in Farringdon. What's your best memory of The Gallery faithful?

I am really grateful to Turnmills. The Gallery was the first UK club to believe in me and give me a break. Thanks also to Ultra DJs, the UK booking agency that took me on before anyone else heard of me. And I really love UK crowds. They're into the music, they're musically educated and they know how let their hair down... I want to rock the UK more!

Your Turnmills performances were famed for their eclectic nature, encompassing the tougher end of all electronic music genres. Can we expect the same this Friday?

What I do is very strongly connected to my own taste. I don’t plan the sets, I have all the songs I’m feeling at the moment and a few old favourites and then I just tune into the crowd and play as if I’m one of them.

Which brings us nicely on to new track "I Wanna Be Disco" – we love it! What was the concept behind its production?

I'm excited about this track. Chicco Secci is an old friend and Alle (my cousin and producer) and I were really happy when he sent us the idea of the track and asked us to get involved. It's a departure from what we've doing over recent years but, it takes us all back to our roots and that's fun! Who doesn't want to be disco?

I sounds like it has a Chicago house influence?

The only music that inspires me now is the House music with a little bit of a Techno flair. I love this kind of sound because you can put music inside – a chord progression, a good bassline.

Which software did you use for production - any special tools or plug-ins?

That's a question for Alle!

Finally, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Dirty, sweet and fun.

Benny Benassi will be on headline duties this Friday, 8th May at The Gallery. Tickets available here.

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06 May 2015