We’re Having A Party To Celebrate Our Audio Range

Free drinks. Top secret DJs and musical delights. Probably some celebrities. Be there.

Ministry of Sound are hosting a party to celebrate the launch of our brand new- top of the pile- every home needs this- audio range. 

Earphones, headphones and speakers loud enough to power a house party: it’s all coming out this summer.

We’re basically using the good news to throw a party, because any excuse to have a dance is an excuse good enough for us.  

We want you to join us, because what’s Ministry of Sound without the people who listen to our records, dance in our clubs and generally make up the sort of people we want to hang out with for a bit of Wednesday night debauchery.

DJs are a big secret, which is how you know they’re going to be great. What’s not a secret is that the bar’s going to be open. So come and have several on us. The party will be on the 13th of May, inside probably one of the best clubs in the world.  

You can apply for tickets here. You’ll be notified via email if you’re successful. See you there!

05 May 2015