The Chemical Brothers "Go"

"Go" is the lead single from upcoming album, Born In The Echoes.

"Go" is the lead single from upcoming album, Born In The Echoes

After demoing their first new material in four years with last month's "Sometimes I Feel So Alone", The Chemical Brothers have seen fit to grace us with the official music video for the lead single off their new album.

Whereas "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted" was a dancefloor-focused acid burner, "Go" features Q Tip on vocal duties and is in the poppier end of their oeuvre (think "Galvanise" meets "Star Guitar").

The video features women that I'm going to choose to describe as 'pole dancers' - because they're dancing with poles, right? Anyway, the video follows the group as they march around a Clockwork Orange inspired estate in matching greyscale Oompa Loompa costumes. I've been staring at it all afternoon trying to find some sort of subtext, but I'm at a loss. Maybe there isn't any, or maybe my brain's feeling the effects of a heavy bank holiday. Either way feel free to tweet me any fan theories you come up with.

Born In The Echoes is set to drop on 17th July and if this is anything to go by they haven't lost and of their hit-making credentials over the years messing around with film soundtracks. 

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Written by Matthew Francey

05 May 2015