Basement Jaxx's
Favourite Remixes

Jaxx on Jaxx.

The UK institutions pick their favourite remixes from their long career

Lil Mo' Yin Yang - “Reach" (Basement Jaxx's 'Firecracker’ Mix) 

Basement Jaxx: The original, created by Louie Vega and Eric Morillo, was a big track in the underground, worldwide. On our mix we recorded fireworks out of the window of our studio at the time, in Camberwell.

Missy Elliot - “4 My People” (Basement Jaxx Remix)

We were massive fans of Missy Elliot and this version ended up being a hit in the UK.

4th Measure Men - “The Need” (The Basement Jaxx “Release” Mix)

The first ever Basement Jaxx remix. We stayed up all night doing this and ended up only using a tiny snippet of the vocal at the beginning, from the original track.

Mary J.Blige - “Right Now” (Basement Jaxx Remix)

A remix of MJB and Disclosure's recent collaboration.

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Written by Matthew Francey

06 May 2016