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The Politics of Dancing

Just before the release, The Politics of Dancing 3, Paul Van Dyk sat down with The Gallery to discuss the new album.

Just before the release, The Politics of Dancing 3, Paul Van Dyk sat down with The Gallery to discuss the new album

Hi Paul, how’s it going today?

Going is good, thanks. Final stages of the build up to the release of my new album, so never a boring moment. I wouldn’t wish it any other way though!

Firstly welcome back to Ministry, it’s been a while! Does your long-standing association with The Gallery bring any extra importance on a personal level?

Thanks for that, and yes, it has been too long! It’s impossible to play a club or a night over such a long period without it developing a personal attachment and importance. That couldn’t be truer of The Gallery.

Any specific memories from your first ever Gallery show at Turnmills?

It was a long time ago, but it’s impossible to forget the incredible crowd and atmosphere. Oh and getting lost on the way to the toilets. That place was a maze!

In your opinion, what has been key to The Gallery maintaining its longevity over the past 20 years?

I think it’s down to a cross between the dedication and creativity of the promoters, which in turn stimulates the enthusiasm and passion of the crowd. There’s something very cyclical and of course symbiotic in that. It’s somewhere at the crossing of those two aspects that is probably the secret to keeping a night fresh and successful over the course of 20 years.

Congrats on Politics Of Dancing 3, how does its concept differ from the previous two in the POD series?

Thanks for that. It’s a very exciting time and it does differ considerably. The first two were mix-compilations, whereas the third is an artist album. Many things changed within the music industry since the last one. The way we make and produce music, how we release music and, of course, how we all consume it. That’s no surprise of course but it meant that with the third ‘Politics Of Dancing’ we needed to address that head-on and have a different approach to the first two. Musical cooperation & artistic collaboration was the answer. To me, making music is one of the most stimulating, fun and fulfilling things to do in this world. Doing it with friends and people you admire makes it that much more enjoyable still.

Are all the POD 3 album tracks designed for playing in a club domain?

Every one of them, yes. Different times of the night, different settings (club, festival, etc), but every one of them designed to be played out, without a doubt.

How do you ensure each separate event on the POD 3 tour is kept fresh and engaging for the clubbers?

I designed a set-up which I’ve used for the last 5 years or so that enables me to combine my passion of being a DJ with the passion of being a musician. I use keyboards, two computers (one running Ableton, the other a program called Mainstage), a custom made mixer from Allen & Heath, a custom made controller by Vestax and a few other machines that allow me to interact with the music, whilst I’m playing live. This gives me an immense amount of control over the how the music from ‘The Politics Of Dancing 3’ sounds coming through the system. Set up this way it gives me great flexibility to change the key characteristics of tracks as they’re being played. This provides a unique experience at every gig, which keeps things fresh and interesting for all you guys in the audience and myself.

Finally, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

New. PvD-music. Now! OK, I cheated a little...

Paul Van Dyk will be bringing his dancing manifesto to The Gallery this Friday. Get your tickets here.

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30 Apr 2015