The Gallery Presents Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk presents his dancing manifesto

Legend Paul van Dyk picks five tracks all from new album Politics Of Dancing III, which he’s most looking forward to playing in The Box on Friday May 1st – his first Gallery show at Ministry in two years. 

Paul van Dyk with Sue McLaren - "Lights"

Some singers wash over you a bit, but Sue’s voice I find completely unforgettable. She has a lyrical and vocal penetration that skewers me! The lyrics are quite metaphorical and more figurative than the average. They’re also quite wistful and haunting. I can’t hear this track enough!

Paul van Dyk with Genix - "For You"

I said to Genix that I wanted us to make a track that someone in a club couldn’t say was ‘I’m dancing to trance/progressive/electro/tech or whatever. ‘For You’ is what we came up with. 

Paul van Dyk with Michael Tsukerman feat Patrick Droney - "What We're Livin For"

 I think Patrick, who’s this singer from the west coast of America, has a bit of revolution in his voice. His “If we only look back then we’ll never know” line struck an instant chord with me, and worked brilliantly on ‘What We’re Livin For’.


Paul van Dyk with Mark Eteson feat Tricia McTeague - "Heart Like An Ocean"

As most of her work has been done in the mainstream, people may not have known Tricia’s name before ‘Only In A Dream’. I met her in Liverpool, listened through her demos and I knew right away how well her voice would work on a club track.

Paul van Dyk with Las Salinas feat. Betsie Larkin - "Love Is"

Betsie brings this unique type of cool to her songs. She has a laidback, almost smoky delivery, but you can still hear that there’s also some edge buried away in there! That’s always been the big appeal to me about what she does.

Come party with Paul and the Politics of Dancing III on Friday 1st May.

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24 Apr 2015