"Cant Do
Without You"

Caribou finally releases the video for "Can't Do Without You" and it's suitably heartbreaking.

Caribou finally releases the video for "Can't Do Without You" and it's suitably heartbreaking

By this point it feels like Dan Snaith's yearning synths have always been a part of our lives. How could we possibly watch the sunrise from an East London roof terrace or make a move on the girl we like at an after party or loose our shit on a boat in the Adriatic before this track? It just doesn't seem possible now. 

But less than a year ago that was the world we lived in - a barren, emotionless, grey-coloured world inhabited exclusively by dementors and Anne Robinson. Then Snaith saw fit to bless us with this masterpiece and we all dance-cried throughout the summer of 2014.

Now, ten months after "Can't Do Without You" first yanked on our heartstrings, it's been re-introduced to the world with a shiny music video featuring a little boy and a massive flying fish thing. Admittedly this doesn't sound like the set up to a great tragedy, but after just one watch, I guarantee you'll be getting pangs of regret for everyone and everything you've ever loved and lost. Happy Weekend!

Are you lonely? Is there something missing from your life? Maybe a 12 foot long, 50lb flying fish? Then enter this competition and you can win your very own slow motion run through the woods with an aquatic soulmate.

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Written by Matthew Francey

17 Apr 2015